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Hoy, ser dueno de un Museo es posible en Villa Devoto
Saturday, 22 May 2010
eBay and MercadoLibre with the Toy Museum
Topic: Auction On Line

MercadoLibre in all South America

Topic: Auction Mercado Libre from Toys to Art, from Arts to Antiques, no item is to small or BIG.

eBay and MercadoLibre with The Buenos Aires Toy Museum and Bob Frassinetti

Work with me from eBay and all the way with Mercado Libre here in Argentina as well as other Countries in South America.

Interested in Mercado Libre here in Argentina, I can help you. Press this Link







eBay link to Bob Frassinetti, art & antique dealer. Press this Link. 


You can also Join my eBat Group:

Welcome to Travel Argentina for Antiques and Art
Welome art and antique dealers and travellers looking for information on Buenos Aires and all Argentina,...eBay Group ptrdd this link: Travel Argentina for Antiques and Art with Bob Frassinetti

Location:  La Lucila, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Born/ Birthday:  24 February, 1955
Bio:  My name is Roberto Dario Frassinetti. Art & Antique Dealer & Journalist. My friends all call me Bob Frassinetti. ( ex Mount St. Mary's College (UK) ) I in my early fifties and because I love art and antiques Ie been developing several collectibles oriented projects and Developments


Buy on line on eBay’s affiliate here in Argentina and other South America countries, MercadoLibre….  

Bob Frassinetti Arts and Antiques Team Procedure & Fees

Welcome! We buy items on MercadoLibre in all South America auction sites/online shops on your order. All you have to do is to tell us what you want, where it is and we will do all the work for you. Enjoy exploring for rare items in South America!

Please send us an email with the website link of the item (either on auction sites or on regular online shops) and the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item. We will try to get the item for you. If we get the item successfully, we will ask you to pay for the fees (commission, and cost of the item). As soon as we confirm your payment, we will contact the seller. We'll let you know the cost of the shipment (international either local mail, to Fed Express UPS or even direct Air Freight or Cargo) an aprox before purchasing the item. Pay for the shipment. And the item is on the way!

Commission: go from as low as 5% to a 10%, 20, 30% of the item price and up, all depends what’s its cost, it’s not the same work to buy you a “trading card” to buying you a “Old Steam Engine” or a “Vintage Car or Motorcycle” or a condominium in “Buenos Aires, Punta del Este or Villa de Tulumba”.
The actual cost: the item, plus domestic shipment (by whatever means available and recommended), and plus then international shipment (converted into US dollar or the Euro, using our specified exchange rate). More Information email us, Bob Frassinetti and the Buenos Aires Art and Antique Team: admin@frassinetti.com  


Interests:  The first project: The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, I began to work on was the oy museum I found myself finding in flea markets, fairs and old toy shops beautiful and rare toys made in Argentina about which there was no information available. I looked everywhere until I found out that I couldn find it ause it didn exist. All the amazing Argentine made toys I collected were made during the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, and unlike other countries in the world who worry about their history and cultural legacy, we s a society- have let them in forget. So at the same time I collected vintage and antique toys I began to develop a research group who was in charge of finding all loose pieces available to complete the puzzle of the Argentinean toy industry history. The result has been so far not only encouraging but amazing, for besides of understanding the true nature of some of our most marvellous items, Ie had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing many of the most outstanding Argentinean industrials. The Museum has grown ever since I blended the objects with the information about them. And it has become to be the first virtual museum on Argentinean toys in the country and in Latin America. The feedback wee received throughout these incredible years of hard and hearted work have gave us strength and passion to keep on developing what so far is has come to be a brilliant idea. At the same time the Museum grew and I began to discover the richness in Argentina cultural and social history through means of one of its material productions: toys. A ticking question my toy oriented research unveiled was that every culture reflexes their vision of the world through their objects, and I found out that many American models that were been produced in Argentina were been adapted to the Latin American cultural public. So I began to wonder about how an immigrant built country objects would reflect this, and it has been quite a great surprise, the blend of the indigenous, colonial and immigrant cultures is superb down here and the objects these past generations have left us are outstanding. This is how ArtDealer,The Buenos Aires ArtDealer, as a cultural and collectibles project began. My initial knowledge of art and antiques, and my experience with cultural research at the Museum were the foundation for Art Dealer to begin to grow. At the same time, as I kept on travelling through the bewitching scenarios of the beautiful Argentina I began to understand a bit more about that eclectic and gorgeous culture that intrigued me so much about the objects of our forefathers. Precious treasures. Hidden under the everyday life chores. To me this has been a discovering experience that has filled me with joy, and keeps on surprising me every day as a young child who begins to open up to the world marvels. When Argentina, during the 2001 crisis, began to open up to travellers from all over the world, who were coming to discover this wonderful place, I thought I had to share my experience with those who cherished culture, travelling, and discovering as much as I did. I also thought that if I were to travel overseas I love to do it the way the saying says: When in Rome, you do what Romans doand nothing better than a Roman to show you how. To share my knowledge and discoveries, I design custom made tours, not only ause I like to work on a personal basis, but because I deeply believe each of us is unique and has different interests and passions and mass produced standard culture leaves out ome times- very important things. And for Buenos Aires, as every other metropolis has something to offer to each and every one of us, likewise Argentina. Seven years have gone by now since Ie began to picture this broad cultural project, and each and every one of the days Ie worked to develop my idea have been amazing, with its ups and downs, inputs and changes of direction. I very glad and grateful to be able to do what I love most and to be able to share it with others who, as myself find this lifetime experience unique and beautiful. 


Favorite Links
All about Art and Antiques as well as travel information for Buenos Aires and Argentina
The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, Argentina
The Buenos Aires Art Dealer


As well as Auction Tours here in Buenos Aires and all around Argentina.



Posted by frassinetti at 3:21 PM EDT

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