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Hoy, ser dueno de un Museo es posible en Villa Devoto
Tuesday, 24 January 2012
Building a Art Museum Gallery
Now Playing: Art + Toy Galler Museum Real Estate here in Argentina
Topic: Bob Frassinetti
... you have all, I am sure invested in Real Estate, but,, ever thought about
taking in a step forward,...... its might be Time! Today's erratic market, with
more downs than ups might be a benefit for us all. Real Estate here in
Argentina, looks more than a Commodity thank just putting money in
Properties,...... Today, I have developed a New Idea for Real Estate, and its
not only in Bricks, but, coned in a phrase, in Art + Bricks + Land, ......

Rockefeller once went to Europe, bought antiques, placed them in a his own
Museum, made replicas and sold those, keep the original pieces,.............

Here we go one step further, we do the same, we Buy Land, enough to Build a good
seized Gallery Museum, place our Art inside it, and the Extra is a Hip Hop like
Hotel + Apartment, with just a few rooms, one for each of our Original
Investeurs, decorated as each they wish, and then we go public, renting in out
to the ever growing numbers of travelers here in Argentina,..... Not only our
local travelers, but, also the International ones, ........

Selling our replicas and also making a by product from the Land, in this case a
Vodka from the cactus Fruit cultivated in the north of Argentina, Vodka is
becoming a special drinks, thsoe flavored with exotic tastes, ...

The Price of Land here in the North of the Provence of Cordoba is low just a
around 1500 US$ the hectare, ideal for cultivating Pear Cactus, which also can
be eaten as a fruit,......... An ideal spot, located in the Valley of the Villa
of Tulumba gives us a village some 300 years old, untouched, unexplored and with
a micro climate that makes it great for all year round visit's,..... just in its
Annual Celebartaion more than 27,000 locales visit the Village in a week!

The Village is located on the once known Royal Road to Alto Peru, where gold and
silver came down to the City of Buenos Aires to go back to the Kings of Europe
and manufactured goods and new immigration moved in, ...... Today, we can Export
Vodka to the World. Replicas of our Art Works or even Original Art Works from
Local Artist in the area, from silver to gold to art in all its forms,.........
as well as a stop in anyone's journey around Argentina!

You all know me, we have been in contact before, either on Art or Antiques or
some Collectible, or even just information that we provide for our readers on
our Blogs or Websites, so let me go a step further and tell you a bit more 
about myself, Bob Frassinetti, Enterpreneur in the World of art, art collecting
and international antiques dealer as well as free lance journalist from
Argentina, Buenos Aires, working on the web, writing both for pleasure and work
on art, antiques and collectibles, in and on Buenos Aires, Argentina as well are
neighboring countries, Chile and Uruguay. "I've written for several Travel
Adventure, Art & Antiques Magazines on and off the web and have researched Toys
made here in Argentina, as well as Travel Adventure from Route 40 and Lighthouse
Adventures along the Atlantic and Pacific coast, following like always the Dakar
Rally from 2009, 2010,2011, and again 2012! Join me now as we are "Building a
Gallery Museum in the Province of Cordoba" Real Estate Investment in Art Bricks
and Land, we are and have purchased Land for cultivating Cactus Pear Fruit, and
then processing it into wine and Vodka, we are Building a Gallery Museum to
Exhibit local Art and Artist as well as our exclusivity Art and Toy Museum
Collection ........ Travelling for Art and Antiques" in all South America and I
have been on line since 1996 .

Exporting Art and Antiques World Wide
Living with art and antiques and travelling the south of South Amercia.
Argentina, Chile and Uruguay
San Telmo, Buenos Aires Argentina

Posted by frassinetti at 4:13 PM EST

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